Part Two 2011-13

Chapter 12: Catching the Wave

Two years later, out of the blue, Iain received an email from Stockholm asking whether Cressida would like to play at the Melloboat Festival 2013. Melloboat is a weekend-long rock cruise on a luxury ferry sailing from Stockholm in Sweden across the Baltic Sea to Riga in Latvia, with four stages where more than a dozen legendary European bands would be performing live.

Clearly, this was a rather unusual event and after discussing the invitation the band agreed it was sounded an interesting proposition and too good an opportunity to turn down. So, in November 2012 Cressida confirmed they would appear at Melloboat in September 2013.

When the band found out a couple of months later that the Swedish progressive metal band Opeth would also be topping the bill, it was believed that Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt, a longtime fan of Cressida and a close friend of the Melloboat Festival organiser, Stefan Dimle, had played a key role in getting the band on the bill.

After many months of planning and preparation, for the first time in two years the band met up again in the Highlands of Scotland for rehearsals. This time the only issue was which numbers to perform as they would only be playing a one-hour set at Melloboat.

Kevin: “It was interesting how quickly the numbers fell into place this time. I guess all the hard work we had been put in two years previously for the London reunion was paying off. It was so much easier. Musically, we were back into our stride very quickly and the numbers clicked very quickly this time around.”

At the end of the week’s rehearsals the band played a repeat of the previous warm-up gig in Inverness. With the advanced national and local publicity, interest was high and the small venue was sold out.

Again, the evening was a triumph. The band did a run-through of their planned set and the audience loved it, giving a rapturous ovation at the end of their set.

The next day the band flew to Stockholm and spent a relaxing evening dining as guests of the Melloboat organisers in their club before embarking the next day on the 17 hour cruise across the Baltic to Riga in Latvia.

The first evening on board the band relaxed and took the opportunity to see some of the other bands performing. Four stages had been set up on different decks around the ship with multiple bands performing on each of the two evenings. While the audience was predominantly Scandinavian, there was a sizeable contingent from Germany, Russia and other countries as far away as Chile!