“That first Cressida album is as good as it gets – those guys were entitled to the crown of ultimate “progressive’ band as much as King Crimson, but unless you are into Vertigo or deeply into progressive music from the era, my bet is you never heard of the band”

Olav Wyper, Founder of Vertigo Records

Cressida’s debut album, simply titled ‘Cressida’ was released in February 1970 on the new Vertigo label.

The Vertigo label, a subsidiary of Philips/Phonogram Records, was launched in 1969 with a focus on the progressive rock genre. With its distinctive swirl design, Vertigo Records went on to become one of the most iconic and collectable British record labels of all time.

Cressida was one of the first signings to the label and the band’s debut album was one of Vertigo’s earliest releases.

It was released alongside Rod Stewart’s first solo album, “An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down” and Black Sabbath’s first album.


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Angus Cullen – Vocals
John Heyworth – Guitar
Peter Jennings – Keyboards
Kevin McCarthy – Bass
Iain Clark – Drums

Recorded at Wessex Studios, London. October 1969
Produced by Ossie Byrne
Engineered by Robin Thompson
Sleeve Design by Teenburger


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The album was later remastered and re-released under license to Repertoire Records in 1996 and the Belle Antique label in Japan in 2015.

Unofficial versions of the album also appeared on the Akarma Label (Italy), Gott Records (UK) and BGO Records (UK).