“That first Cressida album is as good as it gets – those guys were entitled to the crown of ultimate “progressive’ band as much as King Crimson, but unless you are into Vertigo or deeply into progressive music from the era, my bet is you never heard of the band”

Olav Wyper, Founder of Vertigo Records

Interviewed in the Vinyl Press, March 2015

Mikael…list five albums of the bands/artists that you like the most and why! ….

“I liked a band from the UK called Cressida who put out 2 LPs in the 70’s on the Vertigo label. They’re absolutely amazing but totally obscure, nobody’s heard of them. It’s a shame because they were a great band.
Been a massive fan of Cressida for about 16 years now and have both records on cd and vinyl. Just wanted to pay my respect to the band who have influenced me a lot for my own writing in my band Opeth. Always wondered what the guys are doing now and I was very happy to find this website with pictures I’ve never seen and interviews with everyone. I have been plugging Cressida throughout my entire career and I will never stop doing so.”

Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth

Interview in Progrock Magazine, Feb 2004

“Posterity rewarded them with an album that’s come to be recognised as a touchstone of the UK’s progressive rock of the late 60s and early 70s.” 

Sid Smith “The Albums That Built Prog”
Prog Magazine, 2012

“My only regret is that this magical ninety minutes was not bottled by a live recording as it was a fantastic night and was, without doubt one of the gigs of the year.”

Ian Shirley, Record Collector Magazine

Review of the Underworld Reunion. Dec 2011

“… it was clear that nobody was expecting anything like this. Many wouldn’t have heard any prog rock before, or had only heard the kind of prog that gave the genre a bad name. This was a performance to convert the sceptics.”

Bob Leiser

Facebook Review of Blackfriars Gig, Nov 2011

“Cressida’s self-titled 1970 debut and 1971 follow-up Asylum are heralded as two of the greatest moments of the Vertigo ‘swirl’ label.”

Lee Dorian

Underworld Reunion review in Classic Rock Magazine, Jan 2012

” One of Vertigo’s finest hours. Cressida still stands as one of the highlights of early British prog.”

From vertigoswirl.com

“… Cressida was a special case, because even though they were brilliant musicians they weren’t constantly playing live. And that made them more difficult to market in the touring to record sale relationship.

Olav Wyper, Founder of Vertigo Records

Interviewed in the Vinyl Press, March 2015