The Band

Angus Cullen (Vocals, guitar)

Born in Guahati, Assam, India  in 1948  and spent much of his early life in India before moving back to the UK in 1959. Started playing clarinet at age of 8 before moving on to guitar at the age of 13. He began writing songs in the sixties and joined his first band Little Giant in 1967, touring US bases in Germany. Met John Heyworth and formed Cressida in 1968. Major influences have been US West Coast 60s bands. After Cressida broke up he left the music business. Now lives near Carcasonne in France.

Iain Clark (Drums)

Iain Clark

Born in Harrow, North London in August 1946. Started playing drums at age of 14. Was in the audience the night Keith Moon got up and auditioned for The High Numbers (i.e.The Who). Joined his first band at 18 whilst at Teaching College. Taught in London where he played in and recorded with several London bands whilst still teaching. Left teaching in 1968 and turned professional. Played in a London band called Mustard before joining Cressida. Went on to play with Uriah Heep. Biggest influences Tony Meehan, Buddy Rich, John Bonham. Now lives in the Scottish Highlands.

Kevin McCarthy (Bass)

Kevin McCarthy

Born in Kingston- on-Thames. Brought up in Tolworth, Surrey. Started playing guitar aged 7, but took it up more seriously at 12, playing with friends from school. Switched to bass as everyone else was playing guitar.  Joined the ‘Peasants’ at 17 and toured Scotland. Played at the Cavern Club on his 18th birthday. Played and recorded in Poland for 6 months with “The Original London Beat”. Joined Cressida in 1968. Went on to play and tour the States and recorded extensively with Tranquility. Moved to LA in 1976 where he now lives and is involved in writing and producing, and running a small studio.

Peter Jennings (Hammond Organ, Piano)

Peter Jennings

Born in Crockenhill Kent in 1949 and brought up in Sevenoaks Kent. Took piano lessons from age 9 to 13, and started playing keyboards in bands from 1968 onwards. Bought a Hammond organ in 1969 and joined Cressida the same year. Left Cressida at the end of 1970 to attend music school. Later performed and recorded with several bands. Now lives in Scotland where he still plays and in addition to composing and performing works on various film projects.

John Heyworth (Guitar 1968-70)

Born in Bacup, Lancashire in August 1947. Picked up a guitar at age 11, after studying piano for 5 years. By age 13 he had joined the Dominators doing local gigs and later opening for several top British bands, including The Beatles. In 1967, John moved to London, and joined Cressida writing many of the songs on the first album. Left the band in 1970 and in 1978, moved to Oregon, USA where he played in several “tribute” bands, touring the US, Canada, and Asia for several years. Sadly, John died suddenly in January 2010 near Portland, Oregon just months before the band’s reunion.

John Culley (Guitar 1970)

John Culley

Born in Leeds in 1946 and moved to London when he was three. Started playing guitar at the age of 11 and joined his first band at 13. Later formed his own band and turned professional at 14. His band was based in Paris and Germany playing the US military bases and then evolved into the ‘HY-Grades, signing a contract with Sonet Records in Sweden. They moved to Stockholm for a few years where they recorded and backed other artists, including the legendary Gene Vincent. After a spell in Paris, John returned to the UK where he joined Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band, playing with them until the end of 1969, before joining Cressida in 1970. He then went on to play in Black Widow. Now lives in the Isle of Man where he still maintains an interest in playing guitar.

Roger Niven (Guitar 2011-12)

Roger Niven

Roger Niven stepped in for Cressida’s reunion in London in 2011 and their final performance at Melloboat in 2013. He first started playing in bands in the late 60s, performing R&B, Soul and Progressive rock in his native Scotland, before moving to London where he cut his teeth on the pub and club circuit around the same time as Cressida. Years later he met up with Iain when they played in the early line-up of Wolfstone.  Equally at ease playing jazz, rock or classical guitar, Roger lives in Inverness where, for several years, he and Iain played in Twisted Blues who recorded an album in New Orleans.