“Choices” Album

In 2012, a compilation album of early Cressida recordings was released on the Mellotronen Label. The tracks on this vinyl album, titled “Choices”, were selected by Sweden’s Mikael Akerfeldt, a long-standing fan of Cressida, who has always named the band as one of his influences on his writing for his band Opeth.


Side One

  1. Situation *
  2. Silent Light
  3. Winter Is Coming Again * **
  4. To Play Your Little Game
  5. Down Down

Side Two

  1. Mental State **
  2. Lights in My Mind
  3. Sad Eyed Fairy
  4. Depression * **
  5. Cressida
  6. Let Them Come When They Will


Angus Cullen – Vocals
John Heyworth – Guitar
Lol Coker – Hammond Organ
Kevin McCarthy – Bass
Iain Clark – Drums

John Culley – Guitar *
Peter Jennings Hammond Organ **