“ASYLUM” Album

“The album’s two standout tracks, Munich… and Let Them Come When They Will, deserve to be hailed as classics within the symphonic prog genre and are undoubtedly the highest points of the band’s career

Cressida’s second album on the Vertigo label, “Asylum” was recorded in the Summer of 1970 and released in February 1971, sadly, a few months after the band had split up.


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Angus Cullen – Vocals
John Culley – Guitar
Peter Jennings – Keyboards
Kevin McCarthy – Bass
Iain Cark – Drums

Guest: Harold McNair – Flute


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Recorded at I.B.C. Studios, London. June-July 1970
Produced by Ossie Byrne
Arranged by Cressida
Orcehstral Arrangements and Musical Director: Graeme Hall
Engineered by Damon Lyon-Shaw

The album was later remastered and re-released under license to Repertoire Records in 1996 and the Belle Antique label in Japan in 2015.

Unofficial versions of the album also appeared on the Akarma Label (Italy), Gott Records (UK) and BGO Records (UK).


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