Part Two 2011-13

The Cressida Story Part Two 2011-13

Chapter 8: The Search For the Lost Tapes

Four decades passed, during which each of the original members of Cressida went their separate ways in life. Angus and Iain remained friends and, for several years, lived in the same village in the Highlands of Scotland, but they had lost contact with the rest of their former band members.

The re-release of Cressida’s two Vertigo albums by Repertoire Records twenty years earlier had generated some small royalties which Angus and Iain collected and held on behalf of the rest of their former band members.

Together they began to track down the others. Thanks to the internet they began to locate them and by 2007 all the original members were finally in touch again via email. They learned that Kevin, now in Los Angeles, had been trying to get back in touch with everyone for several years, eventually hiring an online private detective, who eventually located Angus. Peter was still in London and John Heyworth had moved to Portland, Oregon.

In 2009, Kevin, over from California, reunited briefly with Angus and Peter in London, and Iain had been in email contact with John Heyworth, living in Oregon. Sadly, John Heyworth passed away suddenly in January 2010 – one of the last things he did was locate his successor John Culley and put him in touch with the rest of the guys.

Then, in May 2011, a chance phone call to Iain from a longstanding fan of the band kickstarted a series of developments that pushed the band back into the public eye after four decades.

Iain: “This all started when I decided to sell my vinyl collection and contacted two record dealers, Damian Jones and Rob Henson of Pop When Damian, who was record collector himself, asked how I had come by several copies of Cressida albums he was incredulous when I told him I was the drummer! He loved Cressida’s albums and had often wondered what had become of the members since we split. He was so enthusiastic that a few days later he and Rob drove 600 miles from Reading to the North of Scotland to meet me. When we met, he told me to my amazement that Cressida had acquired cult status for a generation of new prog music fans.”

They were excited to meet someone who could tell them more about Cressida and were keen to know whether any unreleased recordings existed, as these would be of real interest to old and new progressive music fans.

For many years it was thought that a heavily worn acetate Iain had kept was all that survived of the early demos made back in 1969. Whilst the original masters would have been long gone, it was also believed that a reel-to-reel tape copy of those early recordings might have been made at the time.

The original band members were all contacted and asked if they had or knew the whereabouts of any copies of those early recordings. Everyone expressed doubts but agreed to look. And so, the search for the lost tapes began…