Together for only two years between 1968 and 1970, Cressida have acquired almost mythical status as the band who released two superb albums in the early 70s before disappearing into obscurity, only to be re-discoverd by new generations coming to this legendary band's music for the first time .

First released on the renowned Vertigo label, copies of Cressida's original vinyl albums are now considered by many as classics of their kind and have become highly collectable.

But thanks to dedicated enthusiasts and small independent record labels, the albums have been remastered and re-issued on CD several times over the years, giving those who remembered them from that time the opportunity to hear Cressida's music again.

The line-up of the band comprised Angus Cullen (vocals), John Heyworth (gtr) later replaced by John Culley (gtrs), Peter Jennings (keyboards), Kevin McCarthy (bass) and Iain Clark (drums). 

Cressida 1970. (Back Row left to right) Peter JenningsJohn Heyworth; (Centre) Iain Clark; (Front Row left to right) Kevin McCarthy; Angus Cullen


And for newer generations and fans of early British progressive rock music, listening to Cressida for the first time enables them to appreciate the quality of their music, the craftsmanship of their songs and the sheer artistry of a band that many people have described as one of the finest examples of the genre.

In their all-too-short time together they created some superb music and left behind a legacy of recordings that only now is being appreciated as some of the very best of its kind. This is the story of Cressida.

"I've been a massive fan of Cressida for about 16 years now and have both records on CD and vinyl. The band influenced me a lot for my own writing in my band Opeth.

Mikael Akerfeldt

I was delighted to find this website with pictures I've never seen and interviews with everyone. I have been plugging Cressida throughout my entire career and will never stop doing so."

Vocalist/guitarist with Grammy award winning band 'Opeth'


Ian Shirley of Record Collector who played a key role in persuading the band to reform for this Reunion called it "a magical ninety minutes..... without doubt, one of the gigs of the year".

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The event attracted fans from as far as Japan and Brazil anxious to see this band perform live, for most of them, for the first time ever. 

And in 2011, to everyone's amazement, a new chapter in the Cressida story was added when the band re-united for the first time in 40 years for a one-off live performance in London which r enowned rock journalist Chris Welch described as "triumphant" adding, "UK's legendary Prog Rock band Cressida astounded fans and critics alike when they staged a sensational 'come back' show at London's Camden Underworld on December 2nd." 

Cressida 2013. (Left to right) Peter Jennings Iain Clark; Roger Niven, Kevin McCarthy; Angus Cullen

Welcome to the web site of Cressida, one of the pioneers of progressive rock music.  This is the story of the band who made two classic albums in 1970 and then disappeared into obscurity, only to re-form in 2010 to play a memorable one-off gig for the band's many fans who travelled to London from around the world to see this legendary band.

But this wasn't the end of the story either! In September 2013 they were persuaded once more to reunite and play at Melloboat 2013 in Sweden. As one person later described it on the band's Facebook page  " Simply one of the best concerts I've ever seen - no kidding! A big Thank You to all of you for a stunning musical experience!!!"

Melloboat 2013

In November 2012, PROG Magazine listed Cressida's first album as one of "The Albums That Built Prog" . An accolade that reflected the standing of the group's music and its influence.